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Wool Socks

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Why Australia makes the warmest and finest wool socks you’ll ever wear.

Australia is known for its warm weather and perpetual sunshine. But what most people don’t know is that our Winters can be absolutely brutal. It’s not uncommon for snow to fall during the night and for temperatures to plunge well below freezing (Especially in the Australian outback which can often feel like you’re on the moon).

Tough as Nails Work Socks for People who Need Them 

Many people struggle to find a good pair of work socks. You see, there are two issues when it comes to this problem. The first is that most outdoor socks quickly wear out. They get holes in no time at all and this can be extremely irritating. The other problem is that they’re thin and extremely uncomfortable – and this can be a huge problem for people who work long hours. 

The best work and outdoor socks 

That’s why we designed our range of cotton work socks. These high-performance work socks are made for people with difficult and stressful jobs. They’re geared towards those who need to stay comfortable throughout the day, and might be spending long periods of time on their feet. This includes people like chefs, cashiers, and also construction workers. 

With these outdoors socks you’ll never experience painful feet again – no matter how long or difficult the day might get. Another problem that our customers often have is sweaty feet. This is nothing to be ashamed of and is completely understandable if you’re working long hours in hot weather (something which people in Australia will be completely familiar with).

This is why we designed our products with sweaty feet in mind. They’re made from materials with superior moisture wicking abilities, and will literally suck up the sweat of your feet in no time at all. This way you stay comfortable and can concentrate on the task at hand, instead of worrying about your feet. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Find what you’re looking for with Down Under Socks 

And on those cold winter nights, there is nothing better than a thick pair of wool socks.

Down Under Socks make the finest quality wool socks. Your feet will love these luxurious socks. They are incredibly soft and you will never want to take them off. Don’t forget wool comes from sheep. The primary purpose of a sheep’s coat is to keep it warm. Sheep live outside and need to survive the Winter which is why they have evolved to grow thick wool coats. This is the reason why our wool socks are so warm – and also why they do such a good job of preventing the cold from getting to your feet.

If you love to wear wool socks, Australia is the place to be. With our highly advanced sheep farming industry we have easy access to some of the world’s highest quality wool. We can also get it at some of the world’s best prices. This combination means that we are able to manufacture unbelievably amazing wool socks.

Our Australian wool socks are made from the highest grade Australian wool.

You will find no greater quality of wool socks anywhere else. That’s a guarantee that you can take to the bank. In fact, these wool socks are almost legendary for their ability to keep your feet warm. That’s why we’re able to sell them all over the world and ship them to every corner of the globe. The world is in love with our wool socks and you will also fall in love the moment you slip them onto your feet.

We have all types of wool socks, including wools socks for women and also socks for men. In our range of ladies wool socks we have a wide variety of colors including black, brown, grey, light brown, and also light grey. Whatever suits your mood for Winter we’ve got it. Our men’s wools socks are equally as luxurious.

During Winter there’s nothing better than a pair of wool socks.

They keep your feet as warm as toast. These are the thickest and most comfortable socks you will find anywhere. There’s no reason to be cold this Winter to let your feet suffer. Simply get a pair of these ultra-warm wool socks. Your feet will love them. In fact, you will probably carry on wearing these socks long after Winter ends.

And because these socks are so thick and durable they also make perfect socks for hiking or playing sports. They also make fantastic work socks because they are so comfortable. Whether it’s online or in the stores, Down Under Socks will beat any price and any brand. Browse our online store now to see our wide range of high-quality wool Winter socks.