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Work Socks


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Need tough work socks? Down Under Socks is the place to go!

Looking for the most comfortable and durable work socks on planet earth? If the answer is yes then our store is the place to shop.

Not everyone has a job where they are lucky enough to be able to sit down all day. The majority of us have tough and demanding jobs where we have to stand on our feet for hours at a time, or even for an entire shift!

This can be exhausting. Which is why you need a pair of socks which can protect your feet,, no matter how long the work day.

These thick luxurious work socks will make the hardest job a breeze.

Whether you’re a construction worker, plumber, waiter, bartender or nurse our padded socks will help you survive work. These socks will keep you feeling your best and make it easier to stay on your feet for hours.

Plus we also have the best work socks for sweaty feet. Australia can be one of the hottest countries in the world. If you’re working outside during the Summer you’re going to end up dripping buckets of sweat.

Sweaty feet are distracting and make it harder to concentrate on what you’re doing. They’re also irritating and put you off your job. But now you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore with our special ultra-absorbent socks.

These are the very best moisture wicking work socks which will quickly suck up the sweat from your feet. This way you can focus 100% on what you have to do.

Our store also sells bamboo work socks.

In case you don’t know these are a special brand of socks which are made for wearing with work boots. These are the world’s best heavy duty socks and are designed for tradesmen and people who have to do hard outdoor labour.

This brand of work socks are ultra-thick and constructed from special bamboo fibres which means they are extremely soft and at the same time highly durable. They are made to keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

Bamboo socks also absorb far less odour than other socks, so you hardly ever have to wash them. What’s more, these socks have special anti-bacterial properties. They can protect your feet from germs (And this is extremely useful for people who have problems with their feet, like diabetics.)

Our work socks come in every style, size and shape you can imagine. From short ankle socks to calf and knee length socks. So if you’re sick to death of thin socks that wear out quickly and leave your feet aching, browse our work sock category now.

No matter what your profession or how difficult or easy your job is, we have a pair you’re going to love!

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