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Socks By Activity


Have you browsed our range of activity socks?

At our online store we also categorize socks by activity. When you browse through our range, you’ll find socks for a wide variety of jobs, activities and also hobbies and pursuits.

These include sports socks for both men and women. And also socks made for people with different types of jobs. Our categories cover food and drink socks for chefs and people who work in the restaurant industry. We also have socks for Doctors, nurses and dentists, artists and creative people, barmen, construction workers plus much, much more.

Whatever it is that you do or wherever it is that you work, we have a special pair of socks for you!

Looking for sticky yoga socks?

Do you like to wear socks when doing yoga? We also have special yoga socks which help you keep grip when you’re doing poses. No more slipping and sliding with these socks! They will help to keep you cool, calm and collected when going through you routine.

And if you want comfortable socks for travel then take a look at our range. Our online store has the best socks for tiring car or plane rides. When you wear these socks for travelling you won’t even notice how long the journey takes. They will help you relax, lay back and will make reaching your destination easier.

Our bicycle print socks are guaranteed to make you go faster!

Next time you get on your bike make sure you’re wearing a pair of our bicycle socks. We have women’s bike socks in a wide variety of shapes sizes and styles. Not only that we also have socks for dozens of other sports.

These include soccer, football, cricket, golf, ping pong, sailing and many other sports, plus we also have socks for people who play video games. Our sports socks are hard wearing and last as long as you need them. They enhance performance and help to keep you keep you going for longer.

Bottom line: These socks work as hard on the gym or field as you do. They’re designed for maximum comfort and made from the highest quality cotton available. These are by far the most comfortable socks you’ll ever find and trust us, wearing them feels like heaven.

Browse our socks by activity and find something for you or a friend.

We have every type of activity sock you could possibly imagine. Our range covers socks for guitar players, gamblers, nature and animal lovers plus patriots who love Australia.

There’s nothing better than wearing a pair of cool socks to complement and enhance your activity. At our online store you’ll find socks that suit whatever you love to do. Take a look at our hobby and jobs socks, art socks and Australia themed socks now!

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