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Hobbies & Jobs

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Love gaming, gambling or golfing? You’ll be over the moon when you see our range of work socks and hobby socks.

Here at Down Under Socks we have the widest range of hobby and job socks.

No matter what you’re into we’ve got a crazy sock design to delight you.

Show off how passionate you are about your hobby when you wear our hobby socks. 

Whatever your pastime is we’ve got a sock design to go along with it. Whether it’s ping pong, Mario brothers or cycling, you’ll have a great time with these hobby socks emblazoned with your favourite activities.

Our range of padded work socks and men’s socks include bicycle socks, socks for doctors and nurses, football socks, golf socks, socks for guitar players, soccer socks and much, much more.

These socks will bring luck and make you feel like a winner every time. 

Wear them when you’re out gaming, gambling, golfing or crossing over the finish line.

We’re not saying our socks are magic but they are bound to increase your performance at work and on the field. These lucky socks will boost your confidence and put fear into the other team.

We’ve got bamboo work socks for both men and women. 

Plus sports socks for whatever game you might be playing. From cricket socks to ping pong socks, we’ve got it all!

Our comfortable socks are guaranteed to increase your enjoyment of whatever hobby or job you’re doing. Whether you’re playing cricket or guitar our socks will make you feel like a superstar.

Wear a pair of our job socks and whistle while you work. 

With our comfortable and stylish socks getting through the day is a breeze.

These are the perfect socks for going into work. They’re the type of socks which scream I love my job. Whether you’re in the operating theatre or on a construction site – these work safety themed socks let the world know that you mean business.

And if you’re the boss, why not get these socks for your employees? Our socks will boost their mood and keep them happy. Remember, the better your employees feel the harder they work. .

These funky styles will suit whatever mood you’re in. 

We have the widest range of designs you can possibly imagine at our online store. We’ve got men’s and women’s hobby socks and also sports socks.

Our socks are crafted from the finest cotton and made to last forever. No matter what you play, you’ll always be winner when you wear Down Under Socks. There’s only one feeling better than crossing the finish line, the feeling of these incredible socks on your feet!