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No show socks


If you’re looking for no show and invisible socks we’ve got them!

Believe it or not there are people out there who hate wearing socks.

They love the look of shoes with no socks. Hey! Some people just love to show off their ankles. There’s nothing wrong with that and if you’re one of those people then check out our range of invisible socks and now show socks.

Down Under Socks has the best selection women’s socks and no show socks. In case you don’t know, these are socks which don’t come past the tops of your shoes and make it look as if you’re not wearing socks at all.

Why do people wear invisible socks?

There’s a simple reason. It’s because there are certain types of shoes where you usually don’t wear socks. For women, a good example of this is shoes like ballet pumps and flats. If you wear socks with these types of shoes you will just look ridiculous. Not only that, these types of socks can also be worn with heels if you’re that way inclined.

For men there are shoes like velvet and leather loafers which you’re also not supposed to wear with socks. The problem with these types of shoes is that, because you’re not wearing socks, your feet can become sweaty and you might even get blisters. This is why you need to wear these no show socks.

These mens no see socks are made to prevent these problems They are breathable and wick away moisture to help to keep your feet dry throughout the day. Plus they are thick enough to protect your heels and toes from blisters. These no show dress socks for men are perfect for wearing with these and other types of shoes. They are also great socks for low cut shoes like converse all stars.

Invisible socks for men

These invisible socks for mens are strong and durable enough to last for years.We’ve got all types of no show socks cheap enough so that you can buy a dozen pairs and wear them every day. What’s also nice about these socks is that they won’t slip off your heel, which is highly irritating and often happens.

These no show ankle socks are completely invisible. No one will ever know you’re wearing socks until you take off your shoes. These guys no show socks can also be worn as sports socks. Plus they’re useful for breaking in a pair of shoes you’re planning on wearing without socks.

With these no show socks you get all the benefits of wearing socks, while looking like you’re not wearing socks. It’s the best of both worlds! And just because you’re wearing them doesn’t mean they have to be boring, which is why our invisible socks all have great designs.

Wearing socks or not wearing socks can completely change your look, which is why it’s a good idea to experiment with these socks. Who knows you might even end up preferring them over regular socks!