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Low cut socks

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Socks are an essential part of fashion.

If you’re browsing Down Under Socks store then you probably agree. The socks you choose compliment your footwear and here’s the thing: Different types of people like to wear different types of socks. Some like to wear long socks and others prefer to wear low cut socks.

You see, there’s a good reason for this: Long socks look really unfashionable with certain types of shoes. People don’t like the way they look and think long socks look, “Dorky”. These people hate having to fold long socks over or push them down.

Which is why they prefer to wear low rise socks.

Now there are times when this doesn’t apply. The most obvious example is if you’re wearing a funky design from Down Under socks. In this case you’ll want to pull your socks all the way up to show them off.

There are also times when you’re going to be wearing jeans or trousers and it’s not going to matter  because people won’t see your socks. That being said, in Australia the sun is out and shining most of the time which means you’ll probably be wearing shorts or a skirt, in which case you’re going to want to wear low cut socks.

Whatever your style preference, it’s not important because our store sells every type of sock you could possibly imagine. And if you’re one of these people who prefer to wear low socks we’ve got a fabulous range of ankle cut socks.

These low rise socks also look great with any type of dress shoe.

We know that some people like to wear dress shoes with low socks, which is why we’ve also started selling low cut dress socks. And because it’s mostly women who do this, we also sell a range of low cut socks for women.  These women’s low cut socks are comfortable and stylish and even though there’s less space on them, they still have the eye catching designs that Down Under Socks is famous for.

In our store we have all types of socks low cut, animal print socks, low cut sports socks and dozens of others in many different lengths. We’ve got socks which come up just below your calves and others that go all the way to the top of them. Whatever you’re looking for you’ll find it!

Low rise socks are also great for when you’re playing sports or jogging.

Everyone gets hot and sweaty when they’re out on the sports field. In this scenario the last thing you want is long socks making your feet even hotter. These ankle cut socks are great for when you’re playing sports and will help to keep you cool and comfortable.