How to Choose the Best Hiking Socks

It’s important that you take care of your feet when hiking. After all, they are your most important piece of equipment. The first step to doing this is knowing what type of socks you should wear when hiking. Besides wearing the right hiking boots, this is something you must carefully consider.

Wearing a good pair of warm socks helps your feet stay dry and comfortable. Not only that, if you wear the correct socks you’ll end up with painful blisters. This can be a big issue if you’re going on a multiday hike (in this case you may even find it difficult to continue your journey).

But what kind of socks are best for hiking and how thick should hiking socks be? The question is what should you look for in a pair of hiking socks?

How to Choose the Best Hiking Socks

What kind of socks are best for hiking?

  1. Start by choosing the right material

The material your socks are made from will determine how comfortable they are. But should you should you choose wool, cotton or maybe a synthetic material? Each of these has their own advantages. For example, natural materials such as wool stay dry for longer. Wool socks are also softer and more comfortable – plus they are stronger and will last longer.

Ultimately it comes down to personal choice. It helps to experiment with different materials and see what works best for you. Some people may prefer wool and others cotton.

  1. Wear the longest socks possible

When choosing socks you have a choice between long, short, or even invisible socks. That being said, the socks you wear should be higher than  your boots. In fact, you want to wear the longest socks possible. This helps to prevent you from getting blisters if the boots rub against your legs. While this may not seem like a big problem it does happen. Long socks will also protect your legs from getting scratched by brambles or bushes.

  1. How many pairs of socks should you wear hiking?

The answer is that it really doesn’t matter. Remember, the most important thing is simply that your feet are comfortable. Thickness is always the most important thing when choosing a pair of socks.

Thicker socks offer more protection to your feet and keep your feet warm. The thickness of your socks should also be determined by how far you’re hiking.

On shorter trails you can get away with thinner socks. On longer treks you’ll need something thicker and more durable. Also think about your load.  The heavier your pack, the thicker your socks should be. Thicker socks also help to give your muscles adequate support when walking uphill and over uneven ground.

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