How do you wear socks properly?

Want to know how to wear socks properly? This guide will help. This might seem like a strange thing to say, but unfortunately most people have no idea how to wear socks. After all, socks are supposed to be simple, right?

You slip them onto your feet and that’s it. The truth is a little more complicated, and there are many common fashion mistakes that people make when wearing socks. For example, here are six of the biggest mistakes that people make when wearing socks.

Common mistakes when wearing socks (and how to wear socks the right way)

  1. Avoid wearing white socks.

This is a big no, no. White socks should only be worn when you are doing a physical activity. They are fine if you’re going to the gym or running, but must not be worn with any other outfit (especially suits).

How to wear socks properly

  1. Wearing sports socks with dress shoes.

Only certain types of socks should be worn with dress shoes. Basically, you should never wear sports socks or any type of thick, padded sock. These look really bad when worn with dress shoes. Instead, choose thinner socks with interesting patterns.

  1. Coordinating colours incorrectly.

The rule is that the colour of your socks should match your pants. You want to create a line of colour that runs from your pants down to your socks. If your pants and socks don’t match it breaks this line. That being said, you don’t always have to follow this rule. One exception is if you’re wearing casual clothing, or if you’re trying to stand out.

  1. Wearing socks that are too short.

Are your socks too short? The rule here is that you should never show skin. There should never be a gap between the bottom of your pants and the tops of your socks.

  1. Folding your socks.

Socks should never be folded or rolled down. This is a big fashion mistake and looks really bad. Socks must be worn pulled all the way up.

6. Wearing long socks with shorts.

But what if you’re wearing shorts, should socks be pulled up? In this case no. With shorts, socks need to be as low as possible. If you’re wearing shorts then opt for low cut socks. In this case, you might want to wear invisible or no show socks.

common Mistakes to Avoid when Wearing Socks

How to wear socks properly: why this is so important

The popular belief is that it doesn’t matter what type of socks you’re wearing or how you wear them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Wear socks the wrong way and you’ll look like an idiot. Not only that, you’ll also ruin any effort you made in putting your outfit together.

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