Fourteen unique ways to wrap socks as gifts

It’s Christmas time again and this means most people are buying and wrapping presents. But here’s the thing. While wrapping most presents is relatively straightforward, clothes are a little different. You know what we mean, don’t you? Wrapping clothing – and this includes socks – is a little more tricky. So how do you wrap a pair of socks? Well, it helps to be creative, and in this article we’re going to give you eight interesting ways to wrap socks. 


Socks present


Ideas for wrapping gift socks  


Gift socks are the perfect present, whether it’s Christmas, birthdays, or another special occasion. Here are some interesting ways to wrap them. 


  1. Make sock donuts


One of the easiest ways is to simply make the socks into donuts. Start by folding your socks into a donut shape. From there you can put them into a box and wrap it. Donut socks are also a great item to put into stockings. BTW, there are dozens of online tutorials for people who are confused about this method. 


socks donuts


  1. Use a mason jar


Another great idea is to place the socks into a mason jar. These jars are extremely useful and the receiver will really appreciate this gift idea. You can also tie a bow around the jar for extra creativity and place other small gifts inside. 


socks in jar


  1. Add your gift socks to the top of other presents. 


Wrap your present as usual along with a bow. Then slip your socks under the bow. This is a great solution and saves you from using extra wrapping paper for your socks. It’s also an interesting way to accessorize presents and create interest. 


  1. Make sock cupcakes


Sock cupcakes go well with the donut idea mentioned above. If you need help with this, there are also dozens of tutorials online.  


sock cupcakes


  1. Put your socks in stockings 


This is by far the easiest way to gift socks. Simply place them in Christmas stockings. In fact, socks are probably the best item (along with sweets and chocolates) to put in stockings. 


  1. Use a bow and combine them with other items 


An interesting idea is to combine socks with other gifts and tie everything together with a bow. For example, you can use a bottle of wine. Simply tie the socks onto the bottle using a bow. It also help to create a theme for your gift i.e. sports socks can be combined with sports equipment. 


  1. Use wine glasses


With technique goes well with the above idea. Take your socks and put them in some type of glass. You can use wine glasses, beer mugs, or any other glass. This is also a great way to combine gifts. It’s also a fantastic way to gift food and drink socks


  1. Use plants 


Plants make wonderful gifts for nature lovers and gardeners. Just attach the socks with a bow to the stem of the plant. If you’re gifting nature themed socks then this method is perfect!


  1. Use a bow


Another easy way is to just use a bow. Tie a bow around the socks and also add a card. There are dozens of bow tying ideas which you can find online. 


  1. Place the socks in a gift bag


Here’s another no fuss idea. Place the socks in a small gift bag. This idea also gives you the opportunity to include other small gifts. 


  1. Use balloons


An unusual idea is to put your gift socks inside a balloon. This is a great way to give socks to children. Kids love balloons and this gives them something fun to do on Christmas day. 


  1. Use a lollipop or candy cane 


This is another good idea if you’re giving socks to children. Just tie the socks onto a lollipop or candy cane. You can also use other sweets like chocolates or bags of gummies. 


  1. Use clothing 


While socks are difficult to wrap, other items of clothing are easier. You can wrap up the socks along with these items. For example, fold the socks up with a pair of jeans, and then wrap the jeans. 


  1. Place the socks inside something else


Socks can be placed inside another gift. There are dozens of ways to do this. Socks go great inside of slippers, oven mitts, or even a pillow case – which can also be stuffed with other gifts. You can also put socks inside a backpack, suitcase, or lunch box. 

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