Are socks and sandals a trend?

It may sound hard to believe, but according to fashion experts socks and sandals are now ok to wear. This odd combination was previously seen as one of the biggest fashion mistakes you could possible make.

But why are socks and sandals a trend?

Everything changed after the Melbourne Fashion Festival, where dozens of models took to the stage wearing socks and sandals. According to chief executive Graeme Lewsey, this look is expected to quickly make its way from the fashion world to the streets.

He also went on to say that the trend is all about having fun and exploring new looks. That being said, there is a fine line between cool and dorky, and pulling off socks and sandals is not as easy as it seems.

socks and sandals a trend

Here’s how to wear socks and sandals without looking like an idiot:

  1. Wear the right type of sandals.

To start with the type of sandal you’re wearing is very important. You want to avoid those old school sandals with the Velcro straps. Thong sandals and flips flops make it difficult to wear socks so you’ll want to avoid those as well. So what are the best type of sandals to wear with socks? Basically the less straps you have the better. Adidas sliders are a good choice and so are Birkenstocks. Strappy high heels also work well.

  1. Don’t wear boring socks.

Next, you want to choose the right socks. Avoid wearing sports socks or short socks. When wearing socks with sandals you want your socks to be long. Also choose colourful socks with patterns and stripes, or socks that have interesting designs.

  1. Choose the right colour combinations.

Your colour combinations are important as well. Pick colours that complement each other and go well together. For example, some people are mixing black sandals with maroon and teal socks, which is a great combination.

  1. Wear the right outfit.

Also think about what you’re going to wear. Long pants and jeans should definitely be avoided. This look works best when worn with either shorts or dresses and skirts that go just past your knee.

What's wrong with socks and sandals?

What’s wrong with socks and sandals?

Never let anyone tell you that socks and sandals don’t go together. Whether you follow this trend is entirely up to you. After all, one of the first rules of fashion is that you should never let anyone dictate what you wear. It takes guts to pull off this look, but if you follow our guidelines you should get it right. Ultimately, you need to use your own judgment. Experiment with various types of clothing, sandal and sock combinations until you find something that works.

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